Course 9.8: The Meisner technique

5 years ago

In our previous lesson, we’ve talked about method acting, developed by Lee Strasberg. Method acting was becoming very successful, as was Lee Strasberg. So he decided to found the theatre company ‘Group Theatre’ which followed his method. Two of the actors joining the Group Theatre were Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner. At one point, Stella Adler went to Paris, to visit Stanislavski. Remember him? He was the teacher that influenced Lee Strasberg to develop his method acting technique. Five weeks long, Adler discussed with him the system he had developed. She discovered that Stanislavski’s vision on theatre had changed. While his original system promoted emotional memory as one of the most important techniques to get into character, Stanislavski now held the opinion this should only be used as a last resort. He thought imagination was a much more powerful tool. When Stella Adler returned, she informed Sanford Meisner about these new insights. They both agreed the new point of view made a lot of sense. Lee Strasberg however, kept holding on to his belief, that emotional memory was the way to go. Because they differed so strongly in opinion, Adler and Meisner left the Group Theatre. Meisner then started to develop his own technique; the Meisner technique. 

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