Course 9.6: Shakespeare Acting

5 years ago

Do you know any of Shakespeare’s work? We bet you do! His work is impossible to miss. Even if you’ve never read a word he wrote or attended one of his plays, you’ve probably mentioned his lines a few times without noticing. 

‘Break the ice’, ‘wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve’, and ‘too much of a good thing’, all are quotes that first appeared in his plays!  

And talking about his plays, we bet you’ve heard of Hamlet once, read Macbeth in school, or you might have seen the movie Romeo and Juliet. Those three are all drama’s he wrote, but he did more than just that. He also wrote a lot of comedies, historical plays, sonnets and other poems. He was actually an actor himself, as well! Sometimes in other people’s plays and sometimes in his own.  

But did you know Shakespeare never actually published his work? He wrote his plays to be seen, not sold. And frankly, he also wanted to make a living out of it. Had he sold them, every theatre group could have performed his plays. That would have cost him his income!. So he made sure his own theatre group were the only ones who read the play. Those were all actors in the Shakespeare Company. Hearing that name, you might think that Shakespeare owned the company, but that wasn’t the case. He was a writer for this company, which means, that once he’d finished writing a play, the company would own it. So even if he had wanted to sell his plays, he couldn’t have! 

You’ll learn more about it in this iCasting academy lesson. Enjoy!