Course 6.4: Stage acting techniques

4 years ago

First, let us tell you something about the way to use the stage. It would be boring, if you just stayed in the same spot during the whole play. But how do you know when to move, and where to? In our previous lesson we talked about blocking, But how do you remember all the important locations on deck?

In most plays, important spots on stage will be marked. You will see a cross on the floor at these spots and the director should tell you when you should stand on which cross. 

How should you use your body on stage? It really depends on the kind of stage you’re on. Is it a big one, with a large audience? Then your movements should be big as well, otherwise people won’t see what you’re doing. Also, use your body to reinforce your facial expressions. If you have to play a scared person, don’t just widen your eyes. The audience in the back won’t see that! Move your whole body away from the thing you’re scared of. So step back a little, maybe even jump.