Course 6.1: What stage acting is all about

5 years ago

Let’s go back in time! Where did it all begin?  

If you’ve watched our course “Introduction to stage acting”, you already know that acting originated in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC. One of the most popular Greek theatre forms is the tragedy. These were often mythological stories. 

Besides tragedy, two other forms of theatre were born in Greece: comedy and satyr. The Greeks also built the very first theaters. A theatre was called a theatron, and was always built upon a hill in a round shape. 

That way, the audience could hear even the smallest noise on stage. Even if there were 20,000 seats! Impressive stuff…

In the 4th century BC, theatre also started thriving in Rome. Greek and Roman theatre were very much alike, except for one big difference. The violence. In Greek plays, there was none. Romans however, loved watching fights. But they weren’t easily satisfied. If a character was to die in the play, the actor was replaced by a prisoner on death row and they actually killed him on stage!