Course 5.7: Communication confidence

5 years ago

In this lesson, it's all about confidence, a very important aspect of being a successful model, but also key in any sector out there in the world of media. We hope you'll get a kick out of this one and that it teaches you about the importance of body language and communicating confidence during those professional photo shoots. Have fun!

We’re nearing the end of this course, but before we wrap up, we want to talk some more about body language and the importance of being confident on location. Whether you’re in a photo shoot, walking the catwalk or doing promotional modeling, a confident and positive mindset is a must for all professional models. In the previous lesson, we talked about the best ways to pose on camera, and we also touched on the importance of good posture and preparation, but another very big part of being a successful model is confidence. If your mindset is right, your body will follow.