Course 5.2: Modeling today

5 years ago

So that million dollar question (literally)… What does it take to be a model in this day and age? In the previous lesson we showed you the different transitions that the modeling industry went through in the last couple of decades, eventually winding up in the late 1990’s - when modeling was all about showing what’s hot and happening in the world of fashion, but also about being healthy and taking good care of your body. So that’s where we’ll take off from in this lesson: the state of modeling today.

Now before we can talk about the different types of modeling that exist today, it’s good to first explain what it specifically takes to be a model. We can talk all day about this subject, but it basically comes down to the following three things: 1: having the looks and the talent a client is looking for. 2: being a professional in everything you do, from interacting with clients on a job, to presenting yourself both online and off. And 3: letting clients know you are a model and giving them ways to show them your experience and contact you. 

These three basics are key in making sure you have a modeling career that lasts longer than just one or two jobs.