Course 5.1: The origins of modeling

5 years ago

Let’s start at the beginning - the origins of modeling; Because even now the craft is vastly different then modeling say... fifty or sixty years ago… Nowadays we have models like Doutzen Kroes, Gabriel Aubrey and Miranda Kerr showing us what to buy, how to look and what clothes to wear, but modeling wasn’t always about trying to convince the public to go out and buy things. Oh, no…

The history of modeling goes all the way back to ancient Greece… In a time before fashion models graced the covers of glitzy magazines in ludicrously expensive clothes modeling was used to inspire artists to create art. Back then, a model was someone who could stand still for a long period of time so that a sculpture or a painter could create a work of art. There was no strolling down the catwalk, no duckfaces at after parties, and no drinking champagne with your fellow hotties in the jacuzzi. Being a model was all about striking a pose, and sticking to it!