Course 4.2: Different types of modeling

5 years ago

In this lesson we’ll dive into the variety there is within this line of work. You can start your modeling career by looking at the different types of modeling there are, the requirements they ask for and off course, by looking at yourself. By understanding the different kinds of modeling and the skills they require, you’ll be able to find out what suits you.

There are many different kinds of models, because every job requires certain skills. Models are hired to sell certain products. Not every model is qualified or suitable for a specific job, but when you’re able to use your features. You just need to figure out what suits you. Plus: your potential client probably looks for a specific kind of body type, size, face or a certain personality. You need to have something special that makes you stand out for the job. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t match a certain profile: other opportunities are out there! 

We hope this lesson will help you to determine which road to follow in the world of professional modeling. As we mentioned last lesson: there might more opportunities in modeling than the first ones that come to mind. In this lesson we have a look at those. At the end of this lesson the iCasting Academy presents you with a short test, to make sure you were paying attention