Course 4.1: What is modeling all about?

5 years ago

We all know that the world is filled with lots of good-looking people, but... very few of them become a world famous model.
That’s because there is more to it than it seems. Personality for instance is a far bigger part of modeling than most people think. On top of that: not everyone is willing to step into the hectic life a professional model leads. The basic rules for modeling are ‘always be prepared’ and ‘make a stunning impression’.

You already learned this from the educational series of ”Basic Knowledge”. The life of a model can be very irregular. Each day is different and it might be hard to tell what you’ll be doing next week. It’s not an exception you only know what you’ll be doing the next day. Of course you don’t have to be a super model to do your first modeling jobs and gain some experience in de field.