Course 3.7: Professional behaviour

5 years ago

Last lesson, we talked about working the audience. In the very last lesson of this course, ‘professional behavior,’ we’ll discuss the final steps to leaving a stunning impression when performing a job or audition. 

Through professional behavior, you can show that you take your career seriously, and that the client or director has done a great job by selecting you. 

Now the big question is, what do we mean by professionalism? Is it about wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase? Or is it about distinguishing yourself from an amateur? After this lesson, you’ll know what professional behavior means and how to behave professionally on the job or at the audition.

A professional attitude starts with a professional mind-set. The right mind-set makes you feel more confident about yourself, and you’ll project that in your performance. To create a professional mind-set you have to think as a professional. During this lesson we’ll teach you how to start thinking as a professional.