Course 3.3: Basic set and job knowledge

5 years ago

Last lesson, we discussed your chances to get cast and growing your experience. Have you already reacted to a job offer, or maybe attended an audition, or performed an actual job?

Great! Getting more experience is key to building your career. 

Let’s continue with today’s lesson: ‘Basic set and job knowledge’. In this lesson we’re going to explore everything that you can expect on the job or on set. We’ll talk about first impressions and being comfortable. What your set could look like and how you can get familiar with the set in general. 

As a first-timer, and even for someone who’s done it before, starting a job or audition can be nerve-racking. It’s good to have some basic knowledge about how to act, what you can expect, what a set is and what it looks like. First things first. Let’s start at the beginning.