Course 3.2: Can I be casted and for what

5 years ago

In our previous lesson we had a brief introduction to the world of Casting to make you more familiar with basic the terminology and process.

So, let’s continue. In this lesson, “Can I be cast, and for what?”, we will start exploring the opportunities that may lay ahead for you in your career.  We’ll start by exploring the opportunities or specific chances that you have right now. Yes, at this moment. 

But before we start, remember this: no one ever starts acting with a leading role in a big play or starts modeling with a first photoshoot and directly ends up on the cover of Vogue. It’s all about gaining experience and seizing opportunities, and with that, we can help you!

There are tons of options for you, including some you might have never heard of or thought about.  The key is starting small; get to know your abilities and the field that you want to work in. Think about the people that are extras in the background of your favorite tv-show, think about the boy that hands out a sample of a new product at a supermarket. You could start off as a stand-up comedian in a school performance, a model in a clothing presentation of a small fashion store, hostess on a fair and much more. All great opportunities to gain experience at the start of a career.

What suits you, and what are your qualities? Not sure yet? No worries, exploring your abilities is a process. We will start discovering your potential during this lesson.