Course 3.1: How does casting work

5 years ago

Let’s kick off with the first lesson: We'll start at the very beginning: ”How does casting work?” We will give you a brief introduction to Casting in general. To really understand the casting business, it’s a good idea to learn something about the origin and meaning of casting and how things work.

Let’s start with the word ‘casting’, what does it really mean?
If you look in the dictionary, in English the word ‘casting’ has different meanings, and today we are not teaching you, “the act of of throwing a fishing line”. Although, a casting director might be looking for “the big fish” for a main role. The meaning we’re looking for is: The selection of actors or performers for the parts of a presentation. More specifically the act or process of choosing actors or performers for a play, commercial, movie, etc.

Yes, it’s all about selecting a talent for a specific production. Numerous different search profiles for specific talents are needed every day in the casting business. Talented performers are needed as actors, bit-players, models, but also as presenters, athletes, magicians, dancers and many more. The people selected for a production are called ‘The Cast’.

In this lesson you will learn something about the following subjects:

  • Acting
  • The history of acting
  • Methods in acting
  • Auditioning