Course 12.2: Screen acting terms

5 years ago

In this second lesson we will tell you something about different acting techniques. 

Maybe you’re a natural, who knows, but still, whether you play a little part in a book trailer, a business video, on YouTube or a short movie, you must develop acting techniques!

On the internet you will find techniques from many teachers on your way. Usually they are named after the acting instructor that made it famous. You don’t necessarily have to use one of these techniques to be successful, but any course you take is bound to have taken something from the techniques we’ll talk about in this lesson. 

Over the years, two methods have been heralded as the best when acting in a film: the Sanford Meisner Technique and Method Acting.  

Although they can be similar, they also can be quite different. Well, that sounds confusing, isn’t it? Let us explain.