Course 11.3: What kind of host am I?

5 years ago

Since we’ve already seen how diverse the hosting industry can be and what sort of jobs you can encounter out there, it’s time to take it another step further. So, for the following couple of minutes, we’re dissecting the hosting industry and line up the most important skills you need to master in order to become successful in the business. Most of the skills we’ll be talking about aren’t job specific and actually apply to a lot of different fields within the hospitality trade. And that’s a good thing!

After we’ve discussed the different skills you need, it’s good to take a step back and decide what kind of host you want to become and - looking at the skills you already have - what kind of hosting jobs best fit you. And there are a lot of them! Wether you want to be a waiter or a card dealer in a casino, the basic skills remain the same.

Watch this iCasting academy lesson to find out more about this!