Course 10.5: Building a solid portfolio

5 years ago

If you want to get cast in TV, a solid portfolio is your best ticket. But what should your TV-portfolio look like? The contents of, say, a model’s portfolio are easy to specify: it’ll consist mostly of pictures of you. Some in different settings, different styles, wearing different outfits, as long as they show your modeling and performing talents. But what do you show in your portfolio if you want to get cast in TV-productions? 

A casting director can’t pick you purely based on what you look like. You have to show specific skills. You need to show that you’re more than capable to present, act, or interview. The contents of your TV-portfolio depend on what TV-show you want to be on, of course. The better your portfolio, the bigger the chances you’ll get invited for an audition. That’s why in this lesson we’ll tell you all you need to know about creating a good portfolio for TV.