Course 10.3: Development of a TV-show

5 years ago

By now, you’re ready to learn all about how a television show comes to be. Let’s  get started with lesson three: the development of a TV-show!

Between the moment a writer has an idea for a TV-show and the moment the show actually gets broadcasted, a lot of time and hard work go by. Obviously, the writer must first write a story and a script. But how does he do that? And what happens when the script is done? You might be interested in writing your own show and getting it broadcasted on television, but even if you don’t have writing ambitions but rather want to work as an actor, extra or runner, it’s good to understand how a TV-show comes to be.

So in this third lesson, I’m going to tell you all about the development of a show. From the pilot season to production, to being on the air and determining if the show is a hit... or not.