Course 1.4: Optimal use of special talents

5 years ago

We’ve come a long way in this course about the essentials of your iCasting profile. We’re nearing the end, but before that we have to talk some more about skills and special talents. Making a difference in the world of acting - or the entertainment business in general - is the best thing you can do. If you make sure you stand out amongst your competition, you’ll have a better show at getting chosen for a certain job. But... how do you stand out? Good question, and the answer has a lot to do with the way you use and develop your special talents. 

Special talents are the skills you have that make you unique. Your talents can vary depending on who you are, but also what field of work you’re interested in. So first, it’s important to figure out what you’re good at. As we’ve discussed before in this course, every skill you have is potentially important for your iCasting profile. No matter how small, always mention it somewhere in your profile or show it in photographs or on a video.