Course 1.3: Working on your resume

5 years ago

Let’s start with some good news: you don’t have to be William Shakespear to compose a solid, well-organized and professional-looking resume. What you need is the ability to express your ideas  and talents clearly and have and understanding of how a resume should be set up. It is also important to keep your resume updated as soon as you gain more experience or master a new skill. When working on your resume, be as complete and honest as possible and never underestimate the smaller things you do or have done. As we’ve said before: you’ll never know what skill or experience may trigger a casting director to contact you for a job. 

All this also applies to managing your iCasting profile. Your iCasting profile should be a complete digital representation of you and your work. We’ve already talked about the importance of clear and high-quality photo’s and video’s in your profile, but at least as important is an up-to-date summary of your skills and experience.