Course 1.2: Creating a basic video profile

5 years ago

We’ve already discussed the importance of a good set of profile pictures in the world of casting. Now, with this lesson, we’re taking that professionalism one step further. It’s time to talk video. If you want to impress a director or truly show a client your skills in a certain field, a casting video is the only way to go. iCasting is the perfect platform to create a basic profile video and make your profile even more professional then it will already be if you followed the previous lessons. If you learn the following steps, you will be able to sell yourself in such a convincing way that a director or client will have a tough time saying ‘no’ to your audition. Let’s get started!

In this lesson you will learn something about the following subjects:

  • The advantage of profile video’s
  • Presenting yourself
  • Preparation
  • Rules and guidelines